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End Emotional Eating, Stop Yo-Yo Dieting. Master Thinking Thin!

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A 9-Day At home, Weight Loss Program That Lasts a Lifetime.

Hamburgers, Fries, Donuts—Only Some People Will Qualify to Forget These foods for Good!

Do you Binge Eat or Constantly Eat too Much? Are you or Have You Undergone Gastric-Band Surgery or Similar? This Program is for You as it Complements Other Protocols Because it Activates the Mind for Success.


Last Pound Stories

Julie R. - Business Analyst Seattle, Washington, USA

Aversion hypnotherapy is unbelievably effective! I now cringe at the thought of buying, let alone eating, my trigger foods. I haven't had a binge once after three days listening to Rochelle's aversion hypnotherapy session and the pounds are melting away.

After decades trying diets and many other ways of ending yo-yo binging, I have a completely different relationship with those sugary and salty trigger foods. Thank you Rochelle from the bottom of my heart.

Diane R. - Beverly Hills, California, USA

I was suffering from food addiction and have been overweight ever since I was a small child. With Rochelle's help, I have literally stopped wanting the foods that I'm addicted to and am learning what is causing this addictive behavior.

I feel in control of my life and see myself as being thin in the very near future.

Thank you for fixing me Rochelle :0) 

Linda S. - Marina Del Rey, CA, USA

I had an eating disorder for 16 years and I had seen a therapist (Psyc. Phd/MFT) for many years and even a Psychiatrist. When I reached out to Rochelle, I thought I was a lost cause and I would never be able to stop purging and over-exercising. I had hit rock bottom and my body was in extremely bad shape. 

In our first session, she used hypnosis to change these behaviors and improve my self-image. After our first session, I stopped all self-destructive behavior related to my eating disorder and have not yet relapsed.

Are You Ready to Make a Commitment.

I've made so much progress in such a short amount of time. Rochelle has helped me overcome my fears and anxiety and to boot, she's helped me kick my sweet tooth!

~ Jen F. Brentwood, California, USA

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of specific results and that results will vary from person to person and issue to issue.
Hypnotherapist’s work with vocational and advocational self-improvement and are not licensed by the State of California as healing arts practitioners. Some conditions may require a medical or psychological referral. Hypnotherapy is an approved medical practice that is fully recognized in many countries around the world. Hypnotherapy is frequently used to control pain without any side effects and when drugs sometimes fail. Due to this holistic mind/body approach healing can occur rapidly, yet gently, with faster recovery and fewer doctors visits.

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